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Human Rights in Papua: An overview

Human Rights in Papua: An overview

Conference “Autonomy for Papua – Opportunity or Illusion?”, 04-05.06.2003

by Neles Tebay



I have been asked to present an overview on human rights in Papua. The presentation will be limited to the human rights situation before the approval of the Special Autonomy Law by the national Parliament, the DPR, in October 2001. I would like to begin with a quotation regarding human rights taken from the Elucidation of the Draft Law on Special Autonomy for the Province of Papua proposed ... read more

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Indonesien – Aufruhr gegen »Transmigranten«

Indonesien – Aufruhr gegen »Transmigranten«

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The industrial and agricultural project in the Mamberamo river catchment area in the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya/West Papua

Berlin, May 1998

The information was compiled with kind support from Down to Earth, London

The watershed and project area covers a staggering 7,711,602 hectares almost the same size as Java. Almost 100% of the area is covered by primary tropical rainforests. Currently it is classified as production forests (31.6%), conversion forest (29.6%) and protected forest (29.6%) and other categories (1.4%). Wildlife found in the area includes, crocodiles, tree kangaroos, cassowary birds, parrots and birds of paradise. The catchment area ... read more

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