Watch Indonesia! e.V.
Urbanstraße 114
10967 Berlin

Tel./Fax: +49 / 30 / 698 179 38
e-mail: watchindonesia[at]

Board members: Asep Ruhyat, Camilla Kussl, Lena Herrmann, Leona Pröpper,  Nedim Sulejmanovic, Pipit Kartawidjaja, Dr. Yvonne Kunz

Registration court: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, Berlin
Register number: 14809 Nz
Tax number: 27/681/50628

We are not responsible for any contents of external links on this site, although we are checking them routinely and thoroughly. The one and only party responsible for contents of external sources linked to this site are the owners of the respective sites.

Texts, images and other media by Watch Indonesia! can be used without restrictions for non-commercial purposes if the author and the source are provided. Images can be modified for further use. We ask for abstaining from any serious changes that can be valued as possible political falsification.

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