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Agrofuels and the Myth of the Marginal Lands

Agrofuels and the Myth of the Marginal Lands

September 2008

A briefing by The Gaia Foundation, Biofuelwatch, the African Biodiversity Network, Salva La Selva, Watch Indonesia! and EcoNexus

MARGINAL, IDLE, DEGRADED, UNDER-UTLISED, SLEEPING, WASTELANDS AND ABANDONED CROPLANDS: all of these are different terms for what is being promoted as the „solution” to the impacts of growing crops for agrofuels. Partly in order to respond to accusations that agrofuels (also known as biofuels) compete with food production, some policy makers have proposed that agrofuel crops should be planted on ... read more

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Final Moratorium Call on Promotion of Agrofuels

Final Moratorium Call on Promotion of Agrofuels

2nd October 2008

To: Coreper, the Council of Ministers, the European Commission, Claude Turmes (MEP) CC: ITRE and ENVI

Re: EU agrofuel targets

Dear Madam, Sir, In light of the upcoming negotiations between the Council, the European Commission and Claude Turmes (MEP) on the Renewable Energy Directive, the undersigned organisations are calling on  you once again, with the utmost urgency, to drop all agrofuel targets and to install a moratorium on the promotion of agrofuels and agro-energy. Despite overwhelming evidence of numerous ... read more

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