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Call for the immediate release of WALHI’s activists

14th May, 2009

Berry Nahdian Forqan

Berry Nahdian Forqan Photo:

To the Chief of Police Forces of the Republic of Indonesia (Kapolri)General Bambang Hendraso Danuri Jl.Trinojoyo No.3 Kebayoran Baru – Jakarta Selatan Fax: +62-(21)-3925527 General Bambang Hendraso Danuri,

Watch Indonesia! is a Human Rights organization based in Berlin, Germany. We have received information that the police in Manado has arrested Berry Nahdian Furqon (Director of WALHI – Friends of the Earth Indonesia) and Erwin Usman (Head of WALHI’s Regional Department ). The aforementioned Indonesian citizens were arrested during a public forum and a peaceful protest held by the International Forum on Marine and Fishery Justice on Monday, May 11, in Manado. The public forum was a parallel event to the, which is taking place from May 11-15. The International Forum on Marine and Fishery Justice aimed to draw attention to the concerns of fisherfolks – especially to demand a ban on the dumping of tailings into the sea – and to demand that these concerns should be taken as priority on the agenda of WOC. The police office has been notified of the proposed parallel event in advance. Furthermore, the police has deported 16 international participants of the International Forum on Marine and Fishery Justice. Jun Germise, Pepe Tanchuling, Magda, Roming Dinna Umengan, Bebeb, Mercy Cepe, Pablo Rogales, K. Bal, Ted Jasinto, Glenn, K Noli Nasser Halipa, Daniel, Vay Vibal, and Doned Canada, all from the Philippines, have been deported allegedly because of illegal activities. These people are working to defend the environment and human rights. Watch Indonesia! strongly protests the arrest of our WALHI colleagues and likewise the deportation of international participants. We therefore demand the immediate release of our WALHI colleagues and other people arrested during the WOC. We also urge you to ensure the freedom of speech, the safety of participants of the International Forum on Marine and Fishery Justice and to take action against intimidations.

Marianne Klute

CC: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of the Republic of Indonesia; General Bambang Hendraso Danuri (Kapolri); Ifdal Kasim (KomnasHAM); Brigadier General Bekto Suprapto, Police of Manado; Working Group on Arbitrary Detention c/o Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva, WALHI

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