Berlin: Film Screening ‘Sexy Killers’ and Discussion with Siti Maimunah (JATAM)

Wednesday, 11 July 2019, 6.30 pm
at the office of Watch Indonesia!
Urbanstr. 114, 10967 Berlin

‘Sexy Killers’ by Dandhy Dwi Laksono and Ucok Suparta

‘Sexy Killers’ is a controversial independent documentary film showing the links between Indonesian coal and energy companies and the country’s political elite. The film was released online the day before the 2019 Indonesian presidential election and was screened at more than 470 locations throughout Indonesia. This 86 minute film offers a different way of looking at coal extraction, bringing together politics, ecology, capitalism, colonialism and climate change.

Our guest Siti Maimunah (JATAM, Mining Advocacy Network) is a doctoral student at the University of Passau researching on feminist political ecology and extractives.


Indonesia is the fifth largest coal producer globally, exporting 80% of its production to feed the hungry economies of China, India, Japan and South Korea (that in turn feed other hungry economies). In areas of coal extraction, human and environment health is threated, leading in many cases to death and destruction of local ecosystems and livelihoods. But these threats are not felt evenly: women, children, rivers, forests, ricefield, houses, are more severely affected.

The story of coal in Indonesia is about a web of relations that exceed local areas of coal extraction and national borders. Indonesian activists call coal a ‘sexy killer’: far from the sites of extraction coal takes the form of energy, attracting consumers, businesses and politicians. The hunger for energy from coal in the name of equal access and progress means that coal extraction continues to rise (and is projected to keep doing so), as the profits from the industry fund local political careers and European football clubs. In the recent Indonesian presidential elections, over 70% of funding for each presidential candidate came from coal mining and the fossil-fuel industry (JATAM, 2019)

Link to the official trailer:

sexy killers

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