Pulp trade with APRIL – Indonesia’s lead driver of deforestation for pulp

Berlin, 11. April 2013

Dear Mr. Krengel,

wepa-logoending deforestation is a global priority for many environmental organisations including the European Environmental Paper Network, Greenpeace, Robin Wood and Watch Indonesia!. We campaign on the global drivers of deforestation including soy, palm oil, cattle and pulp & paper. Over the last decade, our campaigns have succeeded in initiating agreements to end deforestation with the main players in both the soya and cattle sector in Brazil. Within Indonesia, we have been instrumental in influencing Sinar Mas group – Indonesia’s largest player engaged in both the palm oil and paper sector – to adopt policies to avoid deforestation.

Given the recent adoption of a no-deforestation policy by Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), the Sinar Mas group’s pulp & paper division, we are now writing to you and other pulp buyers as part of the fact-checking process for forthcoming public campaign work on the market links to deforestation in Indonesia. We are seeking urgent intervention from companies like yours to clean up the pulp sector as a whole.

Since WEPA does buy large quantities of pulp for its operations, we request to provide us with information on any policies you have to avoid deforestation as well as information on business relationships with the Indonesian pulp and paper supplier APRIL.

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