Care About Me. Not My (Queer) Identity!

22 December 2014

Report of the event series

Human Rights Situation of LGBTI* people in Indonesia and Germany

queer3Six years after the adoption of the Yogyakarta Principles and on the occasion of the Human Rights Day, Watch Indonesia! decided to review the human rights standards in Indonesia and Germany in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity. Supported by Hannchen-Mehrzweck-Foundation, Hirschfeld-Eddy-Stiftung and Dreilinden, the three-day event series which took place from 09 to 11 December 2014 in Berlin, Germany, provided a platform for awareness-raising and mainstreaming of LGBTI* rights, exchanging of national specific LGBTI* issues regarding the application of international human rights as well as international networking and future cooperation among LGBTI*-people, -associations and -organizations as well as committed organizations and civil society.

Almost 75 international participants including human rights experts such as Dr. Theodor Rathgeber from Germany, LGBTI* experts such as Dédé Oetomo from Indonesia, experts and students from gender studies, political science and Southeast Asian studies, workers in these areas, filmmakers such as Lola Amaria from Indonesia, German participants, and persons living in Germany from Indonesia and other countries discussed the human rights situation of LGBTI* people in Indonesia and Germany as well as the role of film and mass media for LGBTI* mainstreaming. Emphasis was placed on legal bases to obtain human rights on national level, UN mechanisms to protect human rights and possibilities for transregional support and solidarity of queer movements and activist groups considering multiple discriminations and postcolonial discourses.

The proceedings of the three events A Crossing and Alliances: Between traditional values and homophobic imports – sexual orientation and gender identity in Indonesia B Conference: Care about me not my (queer) identity! – Human Rights Situation of LGBTI* people in Indonesia and Germany C Filmscreening: Sanubari Jakarta (directed by Lola Amaria) are briefly reflected in this report, which includes three annexes: the list of speakers, pictures of the conference and pictures of the exhibiton ‘Dia or Sh / e’ and its continued work with participants at the conference.

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