Indonesia: The government must reign in on increasing violence and restrictions of free expression

February 2010

13th UN Human Rights Council
1st to 26th March 2010

After last year’s by and large peaceful general elections, Indonesia is internationally accepted as a democratic country that upholds fundamental human rights. Within ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), Indonesia tries to position itself as a regional vanguard of human rights protection, as last witnessed by its role in the creation of an ASEAN human rights body. However, Indonesia’s domestic human rights record continues to be a cause of concern. On one hand, progress has been made, for example through a parliamentary recommendation to try incidents of disappearances that occurred in 1997/98. On the other hand, the deteriorating human rights situation in the provinces of Papua, the repression and persecution faced by human rights defenders, arbitrary limitations on the right to free expression, and the ongoing impunity for serious human rights violations are just some of the many issues that need to be addressed immediately.

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