Indonesia: Impunity must be brought to an end – all conflicts must be resolved by peaceful means

January 15th, 2007

Aide-Mémoire 4th Session of the UN Human Rights Council 12th March to 6th April 2007



Impunity remains one of the key issues concerning Indonesia’s human rights record. There has been no progress regarding prosecution and trial of gross violations of human rights. Impunity is still enjoyed by those responsible for the 1999 violence in East Timor, despite repeated unambiguous demands and recommendations on the part of UN organs. This is above all the report of the Commission of Experts, which was appointed by the previous Secretary General with the task to review the judicial justice processes in Indonesia and East Timor. Kofi Annan then recommended that the that the Security Council endorse its findings. We call on the HRC to lend its support to his stance. Read the complete report here

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